First glance at Ulyanovsk

Ulyanovsk, a city situated on the Volga River, 893 kilometers away from Moscow with the population of about 600,00 citizens, and only half of them are Russians. The rests are mostly Tatars and Chuvash. The city of Lenin. Just 20 years ago it was a very well prospering region in Russia, let’s call it a communistic centre of Russia. Now, one of the poorest places in the country. Bad PR, people’s reluctance towards the name (Ulyanov – the middle name of Lenin) and impossibility of changing it, bad roads, location (between 2 very rich regions: Kazan, Samara), all those things make the city come to a standstill. It’s a pity. When I had my first stroll around Ulyanovsk, I found it really nice, having this something, and a potential.  Something should be done to make Ulyanovsk shine again 😉

Have a look 🙂













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  1. You said about Ulyanovsk citizens that only half of them are Russians. Of course you mean nationality but it looks like other halt of people are from the other country. Buy it’s not. Tatars and Chuvashs is a nationality, and these people are Russian, from Russia.


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