On the way through Russia

Since I was little I’ve always loved travelling by train. I always waited with anticipation for the moment when I get on the train and the driver would start the engine and go. The peculiar sound of wheels resembling the beat of a drum, steady and rhythmical, ta-da, ta-da, ta-da…

So I was extremely happy to travel some more on the train to my final destination, Ulyanovsk. When I got to the train station and saw my train  I was pretty sure the journey would be nice and comfy. Just look at the train,


a typical long-distance train, what can be bad about it? But you must have a closer look inside to see why it’s so special and totally different from any other trains šŸ˜‰



YES!!! No compartments! Can you imagine travelling with forty other people in one room? Some were listening to music, some were talking, the others walking there and back, eating, playing games, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, sleeping (or better to say snoring)… EVERYTHING you might think of! A  crazy train but it might be surprising – I liked it so much!  And as I have a talent to make friends everywhere I go, I also found interesting people there. Just to mention a 14-year-old boy, Nikita, who happened to play flute and decided to share that with us. It was great – “The Lord of the Rings” theme on flute somewhere in the middle of Russia –  a soothing balm for your soul šŸ™‚



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