Lusessita Kingsley

– Let's talk about feelings –

Welcome to my world in words and pictures.

My adventure with blogging started exactly 5 years ago. In 2013, I moved to Russia for an internship. The living conditions there turned out to be nowhere near so exciting as I’d expected them to be. I started my first blog to feel less lonely. It was the place where I documented my stay in Russia. After I came back to Poland, I continued writing about my life in Warsaw, my other travels, and finally my life in Iceland.

I decided, though, to take on more creative path for my writing.

That’s why is a collection of my poetry, short stories, travel diaries, storytelling and articles. Since I’ve merged my two blogs into one, you can enjoy a variety of texts all in one place.

Feel welcome to join me on my adventure to recount the beauty of the world.

– Lusessita Kingsley